Just A Neighbor: A Child's Memoir of the Civil Right Movement


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Ray Jordan
Southern Methodist University Civil Rights Pilgrimage, Dallas,TX

As our country moves swiftly into the 21th century, we often forget those who have marched, sang, prayed and labored for the freedoms we so lavishly enjoy. Therefore, Dr. Montgomery's account of her family's personal sacrifice and involvement in the Civil Rights Movement is an invaluble resource. She stands in the gap between former generations of freedom fighters and current and future generations that have and will continue to reap the benifits of that fight. Her story offers both insight and inspiration and helps to prepare new generations of foot soliders in the continued struggle for justice.

Doris Dozier Crenshaw
Southern Youth Leadership Development Institute, Montgomery, AL

This is a much overdue documentation of the impact of the Civil Rights events that occured in Montgomery between 1955-1965 and the effect on the lives of families, particularly the children. These children bore winess to he unfolding of one of the most important events in wold history. Although tiltled Just a Neighbor, the Harris family played a privotal role not only in the success of the Montgomery Bus Boycott but also the Freedom Riders and the Selma to Montgomery March........Thank you, Valda for sharing

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Dr. Valda H. Montgomery

Valda Harris Montgomery,PhD is an associate professor in the Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program at Alabama State University in Montgomery, AL. She is a native of Montgomery, AL and earned degrees from Fisk University, United States Sports Academy and Auburn University. She is the second child of Richard and Vera Harris. Her continued search of family history and lasting childhood memoriesresulted in the writing of this book.

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Title: Just a Neighbor
Author: Valda Harris Montgomery
ISBN: 0615454852, 9780615454856

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